Saturday, November 9, 2013

Brahm is TWO!!!

This week, my littlest one turned 2.  Oh what a sweet little boy he is!  

He is by far my cuddliest kid....and often asks me to hold him and sit on the couch.  He loves sucking his two fingers while rubbing his "bee-bo" (bellybutton).  

He adores his sister and brother--asking often, "Hey mom?  Owie doh?"  or "Hey mom, Wi-wee doh?"  (Ollie go?  Lily go?) ...(sometimes they're sitting at the table WITH us....)

He is a very happy, smiley little boy.  He wakes up happy usually, and is content most of the day.  He does have his clingy moods....but they don't last long.  

Brahm has been giving us a taste of the terrible two's that I don't quite remember with the other two!  He will get so upset at something and yell, "Hit Mommy!"  And then try to run over to me and hit me.  Usually, all I have to do is ask "what happens if you hit?"  and he'll answer "pack 'n play" and then calm down....but occasionally, he just goes for it.  :-)   I think it must be hard to be the youngest and have 4 parents...

(birthday donuts!)

Brahm is a talker.  He loves to hum and sing "Jesus Loves Me", he copies most of what he hears, and is asking questions all day long.  I love having "conversations" with him--it's hilarious to see what they understand!

A few weeks before he turned 2, we started talking about his birthday with him.  We talked about having a "train party", with a cake, blowing out candles, and who he wanted to come over.  He kept saying, "Gavin come?"  'Yes, he can come', we'd tell him.  Then we'd continue:  "Can Taylor come?"  No.  "Can Mason come?"  No.  "Can Dave come?"  No.  "Can Amanda come?"  No.  "Can Gavin come?"  Yes.  He was very specific and didn't change his story at all!  We have yet to have Gavin over for a party...but here is a super-cute picture of the two boys with their bling:

Here is a little "interview" we did with him the night before his birthday:
Favorite drink?  "Milk"
Favorite food?  "Pizza-food!"
Favorite book?  "Sam I am"  (Green Eggs and Ham)
Favorite TV show?  "Football!"
What do you like to play with Oliver?  "Football!"
What do you like to play with daddy?  "Football!"  
What do you like to do with Lily?  "Football!" 
....Okay, I think he got sidetracked by this point, but it was accurate until the last couple! :-)


We celebrated his birthday last weekend with my family, and it was so fun to see him opening gifts-he actually was able to do that this year!  He loved opening trains, trucks, and a pirate suit!  

He even smiled when we sang "happy birthday" to him, which is a huge improvement over his first birthday.  :-)  

We are so thankful for Brahm!  He brings lots of smiles and laughs to ALL of us every day, and we look forward to another year together!


Debby Graber said...

Love this little boy!!

Tyler & Erin Johnson said...

He sounds so much like Elias at that age. Elias used to yell, "Angry!" whenever he'd get mad and he's still the most likely to just hit someone (including me) whenever he gets mad. But he's also the cuddliest of the group too. That's so interesting! Maybe it has something to do with being the third.