Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Festivities

Thanksgiving was wonderful and low-key and relaxing and most importantly, YUMMY.  And we were so glad that Tommy and Courtney were able to come down and hang out with us, too!

Lily loves to help out however she can...
Setting the table
Raking leaves...
Monitoring  the situation....
Dad had quite the pile of leaves--it helps to have a ditch running through the back--makes for awesome running and jumping!
Legos.  And seriously, I can't get a smile from him anymore.
It takes two to make a turkey--and boy was it delicious!
He was hungrily watching the process...
All I can say to this is, "Get a ROOM!"  :-)

And here is a video of Oliver DIVING into a pile of leaves.  AWESOME.

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