Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Thanks to my sixth grade homeroom teacher, Mrs. Mall, I know what that word means. Speaking of her--I had a blast that year! My best friend, Chelsie, and I were able to design some bulletin boards because we finished work on time--I remember one specifically that was a Halloween one. I think that's why I became a teacher--bulletin boards.

Anyway--the REAL reason I'm posting is to show some more pictures.

The first is of our weekend project--Joel installed a ceiling fan in our dining room after realizing that it was 10 degrees warmer at the ceiling! Here it is:

Here are two pictures of Ollie pulling up and playing in his toy basket:

Finally, here is a picture of Ollie being fed by his friend, Taylor. (She's 15 months!) :-)


Jason & Chelsie Crook said...

I remember that Halloween bulletin board too! That was fun best friend!

Courtney e said...

Yeah, I have no good memories from that class.

Tyler & Erin Johnson said...

Yeah, I have no good memories of bulletin boards.