Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Good Advice

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you just feel like you're not doing well at anything? Like you're failing so many things? Well, that was my last week. I didn't have horrible things happen--I just didn't feel like I was doing all I could in the area of teaching, being a wife, and being a mom. I was very frustrated with myself. Then, as I was talking to Joel Saturday night, he reminded me that: #1 It's okay to fail. #2 I don't have to be perfect. Now seriously, I know those don't sound like big revelations--but I struggle with that SO much!!! So, it was wonderfully freeing to hear that again, from my husband. So to anyone out there who has had that week--let me remind you--It's okay to fail! And, you don't have to be perfect...seriously.


Anonymous said...

i can't feel the stresses outside of the home-but i know what you mean when you feel like you're failing as a mom! its hard raising them to be a Godly person when i feel like i have pretty 'Godless' days! God is always there-just doesn't always seem present though i know he is! Hang in there-summer's almost here! =)


Chelsie said...

What a great husband!

The Balzer's said...

Way to go Joel! And yes, Kendall, I'm right there with you! It's funny how one week I can feel on top of the world like I have everything under control to a "T" and feelin super...and the next week I'm having a complete breakdown and it feels like I'm doing nothing right....guess that's God's way of bringing me back to him and reminding me that I'm really NOT the one in control! Don't worry, you're perfect in my eyes!

Anonymous said...

i agree with Amanda. you're doing a great job as a mom! Ollie is so lucky =)