Thursday, April 24, 2008


Yep. Today we had our first "official" mud-tasting event. We knew it was coming, we'd been forewarned. We managed to catch quite a bit of it on camera--so here are some highlights, along with some other happenings of our day: wearing Daddy's sweatshirt, taking a bath, and playing in the sandbox.
And these last few are from our last movie night with Mark and Lisa Habluetzel, my brother, Tyler and Erin and Addilyn and Courtney. We made waffles and watched episode-after-episode of "The Office". (Also, my brother and his wife are moving to Houston, TX this weekend--so this was our farewell to them. Tyler is working for NASA.)

Addilyn and Ollie hanging out like cousins do.
Mark, Lisa and Samuel sporting their Texan mustaches.

Tyler and Erin looking "Texan".

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Hooton Family said...

told you he would eat sand, next it will be paper, bugs whatever he can get in there. Yesterday I caught Drew with a mouth full of rocks!
Sorry to hear about your brother moving but nasa that is cool!
have a great week.