Sunday, March 7, 2010


I knew that second children tended to be a bit different from first children. And having a girl, I fully expected that. But wow. Lily is something else!!! We LOVE having her around, and getting to know more and more of her personality. She makes us laugh so much...and also can have us more frustrated than Ollie EVER did.
She has the goofiest faces, a wild, contagious laugh, and the sweetest sucking-her-thumb-when-she's-tired look....we are totally smitten. :-)

She also has quite a temper and more than a little bit of a stubborn streak. How can such a little girl be so strong-willed? Amazingly, we are having to hide and put away things we never had to deal with when Ollie was little...she digs in the recycling bins, trash, tries to eat her wipes, and scavenges through my purse ANY chance she gets.

Even though she wakes up a bit moody (at least for a few minutes) in the morning, I usually can't WAIT to get her up--she is so sweet and we just NEVER know what she'll do next!


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

You forgot to mention that she has the SADDEST fat lip that I've at least ever seen....That breaks my heart over here when I see that. Also, she too gets into things here that Luke never did or does. So, I've had to move some things as well :) But, I don't mind. She's really a joy to have over here, and I'm thankful you've entrusted me with her care (and Ollie's as well, of course). Oh, and one more thing -- I too think it's REALLY cute when she sucks her thumb when she's tired.

Aaron and Shannon said...

And those beautiful blue eyes will melt your heart any time!! She's very precious!

Amanda said...

Sounds so familiar. But yet Lily looks so sweet and innocent - so it's very hard to believe this side of her. BUT, I know that's what everyone said about Mason too!

Chad and Jody said...

Kendall, she is precious. It's so funny how different your own children can be.

Anonymous said...

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