Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Today, Ollie is 3. This little guy...
has now turned into a thoughtful, curious, funny little boy.

In honor of his 3rd birthday, I asked him some interview questions this morning during breakfast. Here are his responses:

Favorite Food: Blueberry Muffins

Favorite Drink: Blueberry Muffins out of a cup...(not sure where that came from)

Favorite Color: Blue and Yellow

Favorite Song: "Ice, Ice Baby"

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Playing basketball

What do you think of Lily? "She's my tickling tackle buddy!"

What do you think of Daddy? "He's my jumping boy!"

I love watching him learn, play, imagine, and create. Although we NEVER know what he'll say or do next, we're often surprised at what he knows and remembers. And how thoughtful he is. I really hope that's something that characterizes him more and more as he grows.

The other day when we went to Walmart (a day before his birthday party, mind you...) he said, "We should get Lily a toy to play with."

This morning, he hopped into bed with me and asked where Daddy was. When I said that Daddy was at work, he said, "Is he feeling better?" I said, "yeah, I think so." Ollie said, "Yay!"

I'm so thankful for 3 wonderful years with this kid.
And I'm so thankful that God uses these ornery, stubborn, irrational, challenging little people as reminders that He loves ornery, stubborn, irrational, challenging BIG people, too. A whole lot.

Happy Birthday, Ollie!!!!


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

That's a great video...I assume he's eating oatmeal in the video. But, I'm missing the oatmeal in a butter dish with a cottage cheese lid :) And, I hope, Kendall, you put sugar on that oatmeal (he always wants to know if his "mommy remembered sugar" on his oatmeal -- yep, every week, he asks me that).

The Sieberts said...

cute! and i wondered if that was oatmeal. it was either that or mushy cereal :)
Happy Birthday Ollie!!!!!

Livesays said...

Happy Birthday Ollie! Time is sure flying by! I remember you being pregnant with Ollie and it doesn't seem like it was 3 years ago!

Brad, Kara, & Braden Janzen said...

When I was writing the date today I was thinking it was somebodies birthday but I couldn't remember who--and now I know! Happy Birthday Ollie! Braden must've been thinking about you today because tonight at supper he randomly mentioned Joel, Kendall, and Ollie. I had to remind him of Lily. :) Hope you had a great day!!

Courtney e said...

when he stayed with me, one of the nights i had a horrible migraine. the first thing he asked me when he woke me up the next morning was, "nee nee, is your head feeling all better?". love that kid.

happy birthday ollie!

Tina said...

Favorite Song - "Ice Ice Baby" made me laugh out loud. Does he really know that song? If so, I would like to see him dance to it. :-) Noah and Ollie should get together to play basketball - it's Noah's latest obsession.

Kendall Smith said...

Yes, Ollie DOES know Ice Ice Baby because it's our favorite dance party song. But he doesn't get to listen to the rest of the CD...and we may have to phase out of that one at some point...:-)