Sunday, June 20, 2010

my new favorite thing (besides coffee, of course)

Look at this adorable necklace I ordered!

Paige made it for me--she's raising money to bring their entire family (her husband and 4 kids!) to Peru to bring home their daughter (or daughters!) that they're adopting. If you want one for yourself, check out her blog! Yours doesn't have to say 'Ollie and Lily', by the way. She has different pendant shapes, and of course, customizes it to your liking.


Paige said...

Thanks for the shout out Kendall. I can hardly wait to see you wearing it! :)

Denita said...

I could have one that says SALT and VINEGAR! And you could have one that says GLACE THE. Kind of a shout out to your double citizenship no?

Amanda said...

cute cute!

Courtney e said...

DENITA!! I LOVE the 'the glace' idea!! Haha... Mmmm, I miss that stuff.

Kendall, I was going to tell you tonight how much I liked it! Very cool.