Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Water and Harvest Fun

Here are some pictures from Father's Day--we joined my parents, sister and brother (and his family) in Wichita for some yummy food, fun sprinkler action and ice cream.
Lily drying off with her 'wah-woh' with Grandpa J. (She kept trying to take this INTO the sprinkler--it was all he could do to keep it dry!)

Lily and Grandma

Joel and Lily using the same facial expression

Aunt Nee Nee taking pictures with Asher

Last week we started noticing grain trucks around town, so I explained to Ollie what they were doing. Later that day, I was mowing and noticed Ollie and Lily playing unusually well together in their sandbox. Once I stopped, he explained that they were 'harvesting grain'.

Sure enough. Working together without even fighting!

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