Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Need Some New Tunes?

Well, allow me to recommend a few of our favorites. Joel's brother-in-law Mitch, graciously gave us a stack of old CD's that apparently Joel used to own.

You might recognize some of them (if you were really into Christian Rap or hip hop in the early 90's...)
"True 4 U: We R Here" (They had a handle on texting lingo LONG before it was even cool)

Then there's "DOC: Pullin' No Punches" (apparently guys in purple shirts and tye-dyed overalls used to be pretty scary)...and "MikeE: Good News for BAD Times".

And if you judge a CD by the front cover, you've obviously guessed that these were chart toppers.

Ollie loves to 'rock out' (his words) to these albums. In fact, sadly enough, they now sound pretty 'hip' because we listen to them so often.


BlogMaster said...

nice moves ollie! who's the little peeper in the corner?

Kendall Smith said...

IS that you, Andrea???? Ummmm...the little one hiding is Luke. He was here for our dance party.

Kendall Smith said...
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Anonymous said...

"it's in the ballpark yeah"!!!!!!!!! ROCK ON OLLIE!!!! UNCLE MITCH