Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Baking Cookies

I am finally letting Lily 'help' me out in the kitchen.
I KNOW I started this earlier with Ollie...

It's just that it's SO much easier to do things alone.

And she isn't to that 'helpful' point yet.

But I'm trying. Every time I do dishes, she wants to do them with I pull out a towel and prepare for a spill.

This particular day, she helped with cookies. She stirred fine, and only tried to taste the cookies twice. Eventually, though, she was banished from the kitchen. Since the cookies were for guests, I couldn't let her keep touching them...

(If any investment club boys are reading this...I am PRETTY sure you didn't get any cookies that Lily touched...and baking them takes all the germs out, right?)

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Anonymous said...

My mom had the wonderful idea for when Ellie wanted to help with the dishes. Put her raincoat on her. It didn't keep the floor from getting wet, but it kept her dry!! And it was pretty darn cute :)