Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Guess Who Came to Preschool Today???

The firemen!
Oliver was so excited for this day...

They brought the big truck...

Dressed up in their full gear...

And then let us climb into the truck.

Oliver even had his class picture taken!

And now, I will be hearing about this day and explaining things to him for the next 5 weeks.
"Mom, why did the firemen put on all his gear?"
"Mom, why do you have to roll out of bed?"
"Mom, Why did they turn the siren on?"
"Mom, why did we climb through the truck?"
"Mom, can I put on my firemen gear?"

Actually, at lunch, Ollie explained to Lily all about the morning. It's hilarious to hear her ask him 'why' and have him explain it all to her.

I love his inquisitive mind.
This makes me so happy to seem him learn and grow.


Julie said...

How exciting! Were any of them scared? That looks like an absolutely precious class of preschoolers.

The Sieberts said...

looks like fun! i hoped it would still be there when i came back from picking up Ava at preschool, but it was gone. your preschool rocks!

Aaron and Shannon said...

Glad it worked out!! We are going their next week!