Monday, November 29, 2010

A Long Time Ago...

I turned 30. Or at least, with the craziness of Thanksgiving, it feels like a long time ago.

I will admit...I'm one of those people who really dreads getting older.
January 2009 was hard for me because, although I was only 28, I could say "Next year I'll be thirty." Killer.

Anyway--it's over and done with.
But how do you celebrate turning 30?

With a race, food, friends, and some spa time.

Jill had asked me in Sept. if I wanted to run the Turkey Trot with her.
(That took a lot of nerve, since she asked 5 minutes
after we finished the 5k that almost took my life...)

But I said yes, and we recruited Jess to run with us, and Amanda to take pictures and hold our stuff. :-)

(What this picture DOESN'T show is me almost puking 4 minutes later. I kid you not.)

And free brats after the race. Seriously, WHO eats brats after running?!?!?!
(Well, besides Jess!)
After running, we shopped, ate lunch, and attempted to get pampered at the spa.
That's another story. (Nothing that ice cream couldn't fix, though!)

It was a REALLY fun day.

And I suppose if I have to get old, I might as well do it with wonderful friends (who are also turning 30 in the next year!)


Amanda said...

YAY for turning 30!!!!! If it means fun days like these - I'll take it!

Utecht Family said...

There's a 10k coming up in the spring - will you run it with me? ;) Maybe we can do that to celebrate my 30th. As long as we end the day with ice-cream.

Chad and Jody said...

Looks like you all had a great time! I love spending the day with girlfriends!