Sunday, November 7, 2010

A November to Remember...

This has been a PERFECT fall. (minus the drought) Warm temperatures, little wind, and a garden that produced veggies into November! I can't believe it.
(Lily is eating tomatoes off the ground. Hey, she's happy.)

Here Lily is eating raspberries of our bushes...only, there aren't really any ripe ones. I think they're shriveled up ones.

But it was also GREAT for playing outside!!! A favorite past-time of both kids is riding their bikes. They just ride all over.

This particular day, Ollie was the trash man, and was picking up leaves and pulling them behind him.

Lily really just likes to go as fast as she can and then run into something. Like Joel's truck.
(This picture just cracked me up because she's actually POSING for me!)

Ollie and his workman outfit. His new cowboy boots are on him EVERY WAKING HOUR. He LOVES them!!!

Thankfully, we're STILL enjoying warm weather even today!!! I am totally fine with it sticking around another few weeks!


Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

Darling kiddos! We're loving the weather too! Very California-like today! WAHOO!

Alyssa said...

why do kids like to drag things with their hot wheels? Our kids do the same thing! Funny.