Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas {Kendall's Family}

After Druber's and Santa, we drove to El Dorado for our Christmas day there.

I love holidays when we can spend all day with my parents, sister, and brother and his family. It's so fun! (And getting to be quite a crowd!)

My new nephew Elias (who is 2 months old and 17 lbs!!!!)

Lily and Asher played well together, finding random places to hide and get into things...(they were discovering Grandma's purse)

Oliver and Addilyn had tons of fun on the computer and making crafts. Weirdly, my mom was the one who led this activity. (She's NOT the craft-lover in the family)

Asher gave his dad a piggy-back ride

Opening gifts

(*sigh*, and yes, my brother ALWAYS looks scary in photos...)

Courtney's new hat

Cousin's picture in their new pajamas from Grandma and Grandpa

That evening, we went to my parent's Christmas Eve service at their church. I even got to play an Andrew Peterson song with Jim and Evan! (for all you Grace people) Definitely a highlight of my month!!!

Christmas Morning, we woke up and opened stockings and had a delicious brunch together.
Then, we left again for our Indiana Christmas. (and the promise of snow!)

All of us--we're 12 people now!!! What a FUN time we had!!!

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Amanda said...

what a cute family! Taylor is sitting here with me and wanted to say "I love you Lily". And she wants to add "I love you Ollie". That's okay for now, right? And she also would like to add that she loves all your family but she doesn't their names.