Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a one-word vision for 2011

Yesterday on the radio, I heard an idea for the New Year: Instead of making New Year's Resolutions (which I really don't like), have a one-word vision for the year--something you'll focus on. That sounded much more do-able for me. And actually, last year that's what ended up happening.

In January 2010 I remember writing in my journal that I felt like the focus for that year was 'surrender'. God had been working on my heart in a lot of different ways--breaking, softening, changing...and I really wanted to LET Him do that. I wanted to surrender everything to His work in my life. Obviously that didn't mean that it was a perfect year and that I became perfect...:-)...but it was a good way for me to have a focus.

This year, I decided that my focus is 'praise'. I think I too often try to take all the attention for myself. I like to be liked, and I like to be praised. But I have seen what an incredibly beautiful thing it is when God receives the glory through people's lives and situations--and I want that to be more true in my life. I want to point people to Him...not try to take the credit and glory for myself. This year, in my words and actions, attitudes and thoughts, I want God to be praised.

*oh, and as a sidenote- that takes a HECK of a lot of pressure off of me. I think I'll feel much lighter this year. :-)


Tyler, Erin, Addilyn, Asher Johnson said...

I think mine will be "Norris", as in Chuck Norris.

Amy Warden said...

I'm laughing at Tyler. He's so much like MY brother!

Heather said...

Great thoughts Kendall! I love the idea of coming up with one word to describe your vision for the year! Wonderful idea!