Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lily's Cake and party

Lily had her two party with my family this last week. Since her birthday is the beginning of January--she'll forever be celebrating with 'winter' themes. This year--it was a snowman.

We celebrated with my parents (my sister was sick--boo!!!) and had a lot of fun. Lily opened gifts, and we watched highlights from the Veggie Tales movie, "The Wonderful Wizard of Hah's". Funny movie. Oh, and Joel made the most amazing brisket. VERY yummy.

(Aunt NeeNee--we missed you! Before naps, Lily said, "Neenee come to my house?")


Julie said...

Cute cake! Maybe I will have to copy and do a snowman theme for Calla next year (since she will also have winter themed parties forever!). :)

Courtney e said...

Wow, no pink on the cake!

I missed it too... i REALLY wanted to come, but i REALLY didn't want you all stuck with the flu :)