Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Eczema Boy

Doctor's visit: $20
Special Aveeno Lotion: $15
Cetaphil Face Wash: $4
Hydrocortizone Cream: $2
Special non-dairy, non-peanut food for mom: $20

Getting our smooth-faced, happy little boy back: priceless

(Okay, this is an old picture--the eczema is just starting here. It has now spread to both ears, around his head and onto his neck and chest! And I (Kendall) can't eat anything dairy or peanut for 2 weeks!!! That means 90% of my diet is out...shoot.)


Anonymous said...

lookin more and like his cousin drew. word from the wise "oatmeal bath". love the hooton's

Courtney said...

No Dairy!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT! I would die.