Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ramblings from Ollie

Hi again! It's me, Oliver. I decided it was time for another post. I'm going to tell you about 3 more things I love. One of them is play time. I have this GIANT caterpillar that I lay under--I get to look in a mirror, kick the toys and watch them hang there. It's so much fun!

Another thing I love is bath time. Here are pictures of me before (notice how excited I look), during my bath (we understand this is a family website), and after my bath. That is the first time I got to use my frog towel--I love it so much I spit up all over it! (Sometimes I like to try to compete with my cousin Addilyn for spitting up!)

Finally, I kind of like tummy time. It's growing on me. It's just so hard to lift up my head! So I lay there for a while and then lift my head once in a while (just to make mom and dad happy)...


Tyler & Erin Johnson said...

Hey Addilyn has that same shirt, how fallacious, and that same towel.

Courtney said...

Okay Okay, I refuse to pick favorites... that's why they both have WORLDS CUTEST BABY shirts :) I'm under a lot of pressure here!