Saturday, May 5, 2007

Where's Ollie?

Can you find him? Hint: he's the one with no clothes on!

We had a good week here at the Smith house. Two days I (Kendall) went up to school to do some assessing, so one day my friend that will watch him 3 afternoons a week next year watched him...(did you follow that?) Thursday, mom came and ate lunch with us and watched him. It was very fun.

We also took him to be weighed Thursday--10lb 5oz! He continues to gain lots of weight. Those chicken legs are no longer!!!

Joel has been working a lot getting fields prepared for baseball games. We've had so much rain though, the games are often canceled. Today is another stormy day--you may have heard about the Greensburg tornado west of here. It's exciting stuff until people get hurt or killed.

Finally, this summer. We are planning a few trips: Joel found a music festival in Texas the second weekend of June that we'd like to go to--there are great bands: David Crowder Band, Michael W. Smith, Jeremy Camp, and a group called Jackson Waters (one of the members is the son of a pastor at our church!) We'll go and stay in a hotel--we're not brave enough to tent camp 3 nights with Ollie. We are also hoping to go to Washington D.C. in late July. I've never been there, and we found cheap tickets from Midway (in Chicago). So we'll probably spend some time with Joel's family while we're in Indiana.

We enjoy hearing from all of you comment-makers! Thanks for checking our blog! :-)


Sheryl Kenoyer said...

Let me know if you end up coming to DC! I'd love to meet you guys somewhere for lunch and see little Ollie! He is just precious!

Courtney said...

That concert thing sounds so fun!... I hear you wanna go to Daughtry... I'll go with you :)

Kendall Smith said...

Sheryl--I didn't think about the fact that we know someone in DC! We'll call you if we go!

And Courtney, we may go to the River Fest and just hear him. We'll call you if we do!!!!!