Monday, June 18, 2007


This past weekend we participated in a garage sale with 22 others from our Young Marrieds Sunday School class. We had SO MUCH JUNK! It's incredible--we had a garage sale this same weekend last year, and Joel and I still hauled 2 car/truckloads of our stuff to the sale. We had about 16 tables and 4 clothing racks full of stuff (not just Joel and I, everyone). And here's the thing: most of us have been married 5 years or less--where do we get all this junk???

We even included a bake sale--which went over very well. We did quite well at the sale. Joel and I made much more than last year (but still a modest amount), but our sale in all brought in $2000! At the end of the sale Saturday, we still hauled away 2 truckloads and a mini-van load full of stuff that didn't sell. One advantage of having these sales is that we get to get new clothes from other people in our class. I brought home 10+ shirts, skirts and pants to wear. It's like having a whole new wardrobe!

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Courtney said...

Yeah, note to self: never give Kendall any gifts that you wouldn't want to by later at a garage sale.

Haha, just kidding... there were only a couple things :) It was fun, you all missed out.