Monday, June 4, 2007

Not about Oliver

Well, apparently we write many blogs about Oliver. Or so we're told. So, I'm going to write a blog that has nothing to do with him...hmmmm...this blog will also have no pictures because one of the males in our household broke our card reader. So until I find our USB cord--we'll be blogging picture-less.

Anyway--I will make a list of some of my favorite things. You know, like raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens, brown paper packages tied up with string...those kinds of things.

I'd love to hear from you all (meaning the general public that reads this) about your favorite things, too!

Favorite color: Pink (yep--still, after many years, but not to use in decorating.)
Favorite part of the day: morning (especially when I have a nice big mug of coffee!)
Favorite author: Toss up between John Grisham and Philip Gulley--I've begun reading the Harmony series again and am reminded of how wonderful those books are!!!!!
Favorite food: tough one--lasagne, or dessert in general
Favorite month: Either May or November. May has storms, November has my birthday, Thanksgiving, and fall.
Favorite vacation I ever took: probably 1992 Florida trip. I have lots of great memories from there, including a coffee can full of seashells from the seashore...(I hear a tongue-twister coming on!)
Favorite movie: Again, there are many good ones. But I think I'd have to say "The Birds". Mom encouraged me to watch that as part of my coming of age (when I turned 18)...
Favorite Band: Hmmm...I really like Chris Daughtry, but I don't own that CD so that can't count. I really like Casting Crowns, too. Actually, I don't own that one either.
Favorite plant in my garden: Mmmmm...raspberries!
Favorite class in highschool: well, I was a band nerd.
Favorite TV show: American Idol, Amazing Race or House. Just depends on the season.

Okay--so what are your favorites?
By Joel

Alright, Kendall wrote this one.

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Courtney said...

I'm diggin' the red and orange blog... those two with black and light lime green are my favorite colors :)... uh, I like desserts, my favorite class in high school was B&W Photography... favorite months are the same as yours, May for my birthday... November for my half birthday... favorite movies, Dirty Dancing, O Brother Where Art Thou, Raising Helen... Favorite CD, I'm with ya on the Daughtry, also I like Chris Tomlin, Chicago, John Mayer...

I was just going to write a blog that didn't involve Oliver and Addilyn... Me thinks I'm a bit obsessed.