Friday, June 8, 2007

Kendall's Newest Hobby

I've always been a reader. I love to read. During the school year when I teach, I'm often too busy to really find time to read regularly. Since having Oliver--I really thought those days were over! But, I realized one day that I can read while feeding him--that's 4-5 hours a day! So I started reading one of my favorite series last week--Philip Gulley's "Harmony" series. They're the most wonderful books. Philip is a Quaker pastor, and writes about a pastor who works in a small town called Harmony. The stories in the books are so funny! It's quite thought-provoking, too, to be honest. If you're looking for a wonderful book to read, start with his first, "Home to Harmony". They're easy reading, quick, and so enjoyable. They will be first on my "recommended reads" list (over to the right...)

Happy reading!


Tyler & Erin Johnson said...

First off Erin is angry at you for stealing her idea of reading while feeding. Which is a wicked rhyme by the way. Secondly if you ever run out of books I have some I'm sure you'll love. Just let me know.

Kendall Smith said...

I should really give credit where credit is due--seriously--it was Erin's idea! And a good one! Thank you Erin! :-)

Courtney e said...

You, Kendall, sound like mom.