Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ahhh...the Joys

...Of car ownership. We have been very happy with our Subaru Outback, but have had our few frustrations. Today was one of those. It always seems to happen the day before something special, like visiting mom and dad in El Dorado, or meeting mom for Starbucks in Wichita...hmmmm.

Today, as I was driving, I continued to notice a more rumbly sound. Nothing real bad, just louder than it used to be. As I pulled into a space at Walmart, it sounded downright gravelly. I dropped Ollie off at Andrea's (where he spends 3 afternoons a week) and then drove to school. As I pulled off the exit ramp, my "check engine" light came on, flashing. Then, as I neared the school, it just stayed on. Luckily I got there fine--but Joel and I wondered if this was at all related to the issue we had a few weeks ago in Kansas City. Hmmmm. Joel did look at it and tighten the bolt to the belt which had come off last time, but I'm going to drive the truck tomorrow, just to be safe. No air conditioning. Thank goodness a cool front's coming through!


Hooton Family said...

i feel your "PAIN"!!! i just spent the day fixing my truck.(thrusday) oh the JOY!!!!!

Courtney said...

I'll sell you my car. It's got a new gas tank and everything! :)

So maybe our KC issues were the start of some other issues... so sad. Sorry.

Kendall Smith said...

Thanks for the offer. But all of a sudden, the "check engine" light went off and things are now fine! Hip Hip Hooray!