Sunday, August 26, 2007

Our Weekend

Not much happened this weekend. I spent a good part of the day yesterday cleaning and doing laundry. Joel was working on another cornhole set for some friends of ours--they're pretty dominant! I'll let him post a picture of those when they're finished.

Today I played on the worship team at church, so I was out of the house by 7. Because we don't have Sunday School this month, I came back home by 9 and then we all 3 went to church again at 11:00. We forgot Ollie's diaper bag--amazingly, he didn't need it today! In fact, I put him down at church (in a crib) and he slept for over an hour there!

School is going well. I'm really liking half day--in fact, sometimes I have to remind myself to go to work! Friday I met mom in Wichita at Starbucks and we went shopping before work. It's nice that I can still do that--you know, the important stuff! :-) Well, here are some random pictures of Ollie. Oh, speaking of...he is LOVING solid foods! Well, semi-mushed far he has only tried squash and sweet potatoes, but he loves them both. He'll eat rice cereal--but doesn't seem to love it like the rest.



Courtney said...

Ollie looks so big and stretched out in these pictures!

Dzino said...

Noooo.... he sucking his thumb... put some hot sauce on it lol... thats how my mom stopped me from doing so... he's just too cute :)