Thursday, June 19, 2008

Garage Sale

Hello. If you live in or near Newton--you should come to our garage sale tomorrow. It's with 12 of us "young marrieds" from our church--and there is usually a TON of stuff! This is our 3rd year in a row having it. This year, we will be in Wheatridge Court--the second cul-de-sac from the west. We will have lots of clothes, and usually have quite an assortment of furniture or larger stuff. We also have a bake sale--which includes lots of delicious yummies! Come starting at 7am tomorrow and Saturday!

Now, today has been spent preparing for that. (In case you can't tell by the sudden flurry of postings, I've been getting my energy back this week--at least somewhat) I have been labeling and pricing stuff we're selling (high quality, I assure you!) and then making cookies for the bake sale. Seriously--I brought in good money from that last year! It's amazing what people will buy for a buck.
Oh, and you're probably expecting that, like other super moms, I'll be posting pictures of Ollie helping me decorate these.....

I kept him nice and busy in his pack-n-play filled with balls. Thank you Tyler, Erin and Addilyn.

Well, hope to see you this weekend. You won't turn away empty-handed if we can help it!


Anonymous said...

Mmmm...your cookies look good!!

Courtney e said...

that was this weekend! i have a closet full of stuff i was going to let you sell... shoot. hope it goes well!