Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I was definitely NOT put on this planet to clean. Who came up with the idea anyway???

I DO think that being exhausted and nauseous most of the time has made these feelings greater--but who am I kidding--my house isn't that clean when I'm NOT pregnant! Okay, well, it's usually "clean" meaning uncluttered...but it's never been CLEAN clean. There are some jobs that I have never in my entire life done--washing windows, cleaning mini blinds, wiping down walls and trim, etc. My husband came from a good home where these things were done...he is very good to me and doesn't care that I don't do them! :-)

But here's where I get frustrated--when I sweep the floor, how long does it REALLY stay clean--seriously? With a one year old and a husband who works in red dirt and grass, maybe until they both are home. Don't get me wrong--I'm not blaming them--just making a point. And bathrooms? Sheesh. But I do like the look of a clean bathroom.

Now dusting I like. And vacuuming. Those are both fun and somewhat therapeutic. I think I'll make a top ten list of chores around the house: One is the best job, 10 is my least favorite...let's see, to think of 10 things I do around the house...

(drum roll, please)
1. Dusting
2. Vacuuming
3. Making the bed
4. Sweeping floors
5. Laundry
6. Putting laundry away
7. Cleaning bathrooms
8. Mopping the floors
9. Dishes (without a dishwasher, too!)
10. Cleaning showers. That's Joel's job! :-)

Last night we had a funny conversation. It's a good thing I married Joel, because we sure think alike. While watching the Cubs game, a commercial came on with a lady who was cleaning her stove or oven. I jokingly said, "Hey--that lady--what's she doing with that cloth?" Joel, understanding perfectly said, "You wouldn't understand. It's too complicated." So, as we were brushing teeth, I brought it up again. "Seriously, what was she doing?" Joel says, "It's too hard to explain--it'd be better if she came over and showed you. Or maybe you could google it..."

Okay, I'm laughing again as I write it. You may not get that at all--but it was really fun.

Anyway--after all this--you'll be proud to know that I did just clean two bathrooms, sweep the floor, AND do two sinks of dishes. Yay me.


Courtney e said...

Ooooh was that a burn?

Too bad you're el prego - I just bought a ton of cleaning supplies... some I never new existed... to clean my place when I move. I bought windex for the first time ever... I've lived here almost a year and a half... Dad's good - he cleans the windows and blinds... too bad we didn't get any of that...
I do agree with you - my mindset is, if its not cluttered... it's clean. :)

The Balzer's said...

I'm so with you on the cleaning Kendall...I could name a TON of places in my house I've never cleaned since we lived here! I would have to say that making the bed is very far down on my list...I despise it!

Kendall Smith said...

Wait--was what a burn????? I'm confused.

Tyler & Erin Johnson said...

I so agree. I hate cleaning, except for maybe vacuuming which can be kind of fun. I don't really even enjoy dusting though. That's why during each move I keep getting rid of things; I just don't want to have to dust them anymore.

The Wallace's said...

Oh man Kendall, I am so there!! Lately I feel like, what's the point? What's the point of picking up baby toys? Abby's just gonna drag them back out in 10 minutes anyway! What's the point of sweeping the kitchen floor? It's gonna have crushed crackers or cereal on it again by the end of the day! I definitaly think we should boycott cleaning for the rest of the day :)

Courtney e said...

Nevermind, I read a part wrong. :)

Hooton Family said...

oh the joys of having older children!
now each day the girls have a house cleaning task. They all can clean bathrooms, vac the floors and pick-up toys. Can't wait to teach them how to do laundry!! But there are still a million little things to do!
So teach your kids early how to help around the house!!