Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Gates: A Mom's Best Friend

So we decided to buy a gate to keep Ollie out of areas we don't want him to play in. This was DEVASTATING for him! One time we use it is when I (Kendall) am cooking supper. This summer, since we spend so much time together, he has just gotten really clingy. He has a hard time even letting me go to the bathroom by myself! So when we put the gate up, he cried. Hard. Here are some pictures...poor guy.

I will say that he hasn't responded like that each time--in fact, now he doesn't seem to even care! And for much of the day, I block off the pantry where he would prefer to spend most of his time rummaging for food. Can you blame him?


Courtney e said...

First you put up a gate, then you take pictures of his sadness. Poor little guy.

I did notice, he kind of followed me everywhere over the weekend...

Kendall Smith said...

yup. That's a one-year old for you.