Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lake Trip

This past weekend our small group spent a couple nights out at Marion Lake about 40 miles from here. We had such a fun time eating together, swimming, boating, skiing, tubing and spending lots of hours in front of the campfire making smores and talking. (Sorry some of these pictures are so small!)
Our campsite. Actually, we had two. Aaron and Ryan went down a day early and secured great spots for us--right along a little cove in the lake. We had easy access for swimming, boating and fishing.
The girls swimming Friday evening. It was so HOT that we had to cool off somehow.
Joel and I in front of the fire. That night we found two HUGE spiders so I was freaked out about putting my feet down. Yuck!!!
Our first night's meal: Hobo dinners over the stove. They were DELICIOUS!

The girls in the group: Me, Shannon, Amanda and Tina

We had a great time and talked about making it a tradition!

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