Monday, July 14, 2008


I really couldn't think of a title. So that's it.

This has been a fun week--I have a few pictures of some fun things we did:
Went to Walmart.
Okay, so I thought this was a cute picture of them in their hats. But seriously, we were going to Walmart. And I do actually really enjoy that. Especially when we get to buy food.

Playing at the Hesston Sprinkler Park.
We met another mom and daughter at the park this morning for our play date. It was so fun. Ollie did NOT like the full power sprinklers--but this he could handle. He is cautious--that's one thing he gets from his mom!

Actually this was a perfect morning--we went for a walk, played outside, went to the water park, stopped at McDonalds for a free Vanilla Latte, and then went and saw Joel at work and stayed for a few minutes. Ollie even got a ride on the tractor!

Oh, and one more picture of the morning--we tried to get Ollie to kiss Abby--his friend. But he wouldn't--he just kept turning his head and going real close to her. It was so funny!


Tyler & Erin Johnson said...

Exactly who was the first mom and daughter?

Aaron and Shannon said...

That picture of Ollie and Joel is adorable! They look so much alike! Have fun on your trip!

Kendall Smith said...

Hey Tyler..

Your mom.