Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Let's Hit the Road, Jack!

Here we go! Off on our vacation to see the sights, visit the family, and enjoy each other. We're leaving this afternoon to spend the night with friends in Nebraska, then traveling up to Saskatoon, Canada to see Kendall's grandparents (They've never met Ollie), over to Wisconsin to see Kendall's other grandparents, then on to Indiana to Joel's house. We've actually not been to his parents house for over two years! And they haven't seen Ollie since Christmas. So we'll leave him there for 5 days while we fly to New York City and spend time watching baseball, touring the sights, and eating good food. Joel's sister and her husband are also going with us. We get to see the Mets, Yankees, and Red Sox play! (We'll spend the last day in Boston) Once we fly back to Chicago--we'll spend 4 more days with Joel's family before heading home. So, see you in August!

Here are some pictures of Ollie helping me pack...
(he got in there all by himself and pulled that sticker off the's the funny video of his reaction...)

Oh yeah, and if you're thinking of taking advantage of this opportunity to break in and rob us for all we're worth--we have at least 17 pit bulls stationed randomly throughout our property waiting to pounce on robbers. So good luck.

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Collin, Andrea, & Ava said...

have fun! that sounds like an awesome road trip. we can't wait to hear all about it!