Saturday, June 7, 2008

Summer Days

We've been finding ways to fill our summer days. Honestly, this staying at home all day stuff is hard for me to get used to. It's just a lot of...well, being home. Luckily, we have fun things throughout the week, like playdates Monday morning, women's Bible study Monday nights, story time at the library Tuesday mornings, and then usually other playtimes with friends during the week. But it's hard for me to find enough things to feel like I'm keeping Ollie (and myself) busy. Okay, let me rephrase that: besides cleaning. That gets old. And it all gets dirty anyway!

Anyway, the point of this post was to update you on Ollie. Here are some ways we've spent our time:

Climbing! Ollie loves to climb. He climbs on stationary items, like chairs, stools, and (tries to climb on) tables. As illustrated here, he also likes to climb on not-so-stationary items, like his car. This makes mom a little nervous. Luckily, he seems to have a high pain tolerance!

Trying to fill daddy's shoes. This week Joel hasn't been quite so busy at work which is nice--he gets home a bit earlier. That's also good for me--since I watch the clock like a HAWK at that point in the day!

Cleaning. So we try to do some during the day. At least to keep things from smelling. This is one of Ollie's favorite past times--sweeping the kitchen floor! Hopefully this continues into his older years!
Playing. He has a new-found interest in these old toys of Joel's. They're pretty funny! Especially when he makes his giraffe-dog.

We also play outside lots--Ollie wakes up in the morning and says "aass?" (which means 'outside') and then in the same 'sentence', "bubba?" (which means 'bubbles') He doesn't care that he can't blow bubbles (or neither can mommy, for that matter--these bubbles don't work well!) He just loves to be outside.

Another highlight: Thursday we met mom and dad and they picked up Ollie and kept him for the night. That was so much fun for him, us and I think, them. They had the funniest video of Ollie wrestling with one of those blow up punching bags--you know, with the sand in the bottom. It's hilarious.

We do love these summer days together. We have lots of fun. And I'm still strongly encouraging the two-nap thing!!!


Anonymous said...

sounds like it's time for baby #2. you'd better get busy joel!! mitch

The Balzer's said...

I feel your pain on the whole staying at home all day routine...but my dilemma is do I want to go through the stress that is sometimes involved in getting us all out of the house to go somewhere? Somedays, although I am very is just not worth the hassle! Sometimes by the time we get into the car to go somewhere, I'm so stressed out, out of breath, have a headache and in such a bad mood I don't even want to see anyone! But being cooped up is not so fun either! I do agree with the previous comment though! I promise you won't be bored then!

Courtney e said...

I realized yesterday that I'm the only female in the family with a full-time job. I wish I could feel your pain, and I know how boring it is day after day... but sometimes... I'd give anything for that! You're always welcome to go to my pool and swim, but I won't be there... maybe Carrie and the boys will join you! :)

Lori said...

I loved all the pics, I just can't believe how BIG he's gotton!! Too cute!

Doug~Sarah~Caden said...

I love the picture of Ollie walking in Joel's sneakers! So cute!

I too am strugglling to fill my time at home with Caden. There's only so much cleaning I can take. Maybe we should organize a mommy's play group?

Take care and stary cool! Sarah