Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Don't call me for your wedding...

So, my friend Amanda persuaded me to take a cake decorating class this July. It happened to be half off normal price, and several of my good friends were taking it, so I decided it could be really fun. After missing the first night, I was really afraid I would be VERY behind.
I read through the manual and talked several times with the other girls who HAD gone, and finally had a good idea of what I was supposed to be doing and have ready for Monday's class. It sounded a little overwhelming though...see those roses on the cover? Yeah, supposedly I'd learn to make those!

I started with a simple cake, frosted it (using the buttercream frosting) and brought it, along with my bag o' supplies, to my first class.
That part went pretty well. Once I got there and tried making roses, I almost quit. First of all, we had to have 3 different consistencies of frosting (mine were all basically the same, I think), and then we started off with the roses! My waxed paper wouldn't even stay on my rose holder...but finally, after trying several times to change my consistency, it started to take shape better. Mine still ended up looking like globs of frosting, but you could definitely see a faint rose shape appearing.

Our project during class (after failing at the roses) was to decorate our cake using the star shapes. I decided, since it was Joel and I's anniversary, that I'd try to do something relating to that. Here's what I finished in class:
And yesterday, I finally got the rest done. I didn't leave much room for writing, so that doesn't look the best. I have learned so much though, in the one class I went to--I'm looking forward to trying more things! But please don't call me for a wedding, unless you'd like a plain cake with nothing but star shapes--those I can do! :-)

Oh, and yesterday I had so many tomatoes and green beans ready, that I decided to try to can them. I think it worked! The lids sealed, and it all looks hopefully we won't get sick eating them. But if we ever miss work or church may want to give us a call.


The Sweigart Family said...

that sounds like fun. I need to learn how to make flowers. I don't do flowers.

Carolyn Dewey said...

Many moons ago I took the 8 week Wilton cake decorating class. It was great but I gained 25 pounds - too much cake and frosting, especially when I licked it as it oozed out of the bag. Roses??? Don't feel bad. Mine weren't terrific and then Rich tried it - PERFECT! I stick to the stars too!

Have fun!