Thursday, July 2, 2009


It's been over a week since we returned from our trip to Ohio--I suppose I should blog about it!

We spent a week up near Columbus where Joel's sister, Karla lives. It was a relaxing time to get away and enjoy cooler temperatures, the lake house they just built, and time with family.

Friday night, Dave and Karla took us out for a delicious Italian meal at "Brio" in Columbus. Thanks to some great connections, we ate for FREE!
Dave's RAW steak.

I know, really bad picture...but it was a DELICIOUS dessert!

Saturday morning I got to help Karla do a kid photo shoot. And by 'help', I mean, carry around her HUGE lens (that cost more than my car!), and help arrange kids. It was really fun, and amazing to see her in action! Check out these shots that I witnessed in person! :-)

After a couple days at her house, we drove an hour northwest of Columbus to their newly built lake house. Here are some pictures--it is SUPER cute!
Sara, Roanna and her 4 kids came and spent 3 days with us, too. We rode the boat, swam, tubed, and Joel even tried wake-boarding! Although Ollie was a bit clingy, he did 'chill out' a bit after a few days and played better with his cousins. There are 8 now!

The three boys: Ollie, Drew and Isaac (they're each 10 months apart)

Three of the girls: Lily, Brianna and Abi.Brooklynn's in the middle...And Clara, blowing bubbles.

We missed seeing Kris, Mitch and Paul and Roglenda--but we'll see them in Colorado in August!

And a few travel pics: we stayed in hotels both on the way up and back, just to break up the day a bit. It worked well.

(Ollie and Lily on our GIANT king bed)
And this picture shows Ollie sticking stickers all over his head. The cousins had Ipods, so Ollie put these on his ears and told us he was 'listening to music'.
It was a great trip. And it makes me look forward even more to our Colorado trip--mountains and cool air!


Tyler, Erin, Addilyn, Asher Johnson said...

I want to go to there.

Amy W said...

How fun!! I have a friend who lives near Columbus - as in, that's the nearest airport that I fly into when I want to see her. The lake house is gorgeous, and I love Ollie's "ipod". :)

Allen and Debby Graber said...

Your sister looks like you Joel, except with hair! If you'd wear a wig, you could be twins! Ha!! Actually, we ought to dig out that picture of you with that wig you wore last Christmas and check it out!

What a gorgeous lake house! Wow!

Hooton Family said...

time to get ollie his own. maybe he won't talk so much in the car then. I just bought 15 hours of adventures in odyssey for our trip to colorado!
look forward to seeing you