Sunday, July 5, 2009


I've been so excited to have Lily and Ollie actually interact with each other. Finally, in the last couple of weeks--they've started to. Lily will smile at Ollie and he'll just giggle.

He thinks it's SO funny when she takes his things and tries to chew on them. Even funnier when it's HIM she's chewing on!

The video below is of him 'playing' with her the other night, while Joel and I were outside working. It was so funny to watch!

Lily is becoming quite the talker. Here she is in her exersaucer, playing and talking.


Allen and Debby Graber said...

i was waiting to see if Oli was going to smack Lily on the face! I see you found an exersaucer for Lily! Yay! We sure had fun with the kids last night!

The Sieberts said...

WE LOVE LILY! (and Ollie too of course...)

Anonymous said...

LOVE this video. Such cute kids!