Saturday, February 13, 2010

Apparently he listens.

This little guy just amazes me. Seriously. Every day I am shocked at what he knows.

And he misses NOTHING. Today, we had lots of play time together. His creative imagination is so much fun. He is really starting to play on his own more--pretending and imagining.

Basketball is a favorite. Several times a day, he has a game. He switches into his basketball uniform and plays for a long time. We often have to play. (I mean 'get to'.) And his babies sit by the TV and watch. During supper tonight, he said, "Mom, after this, I'm gonna go play basketball." "Again?" I asked. "Yeah, because I'm weird!" was his response.

We played earlier today with his baby. She had to go the doctor, and on the way to the appointment, Ollie said we had to go to the bank. But we sat on his bed for a long time just packing the diaper bag. "Mom, what should we put in here?" He added a few random things from the toy basket: he tried to fit the baseball bat, but it was 'too big'. He added a ball, a horse, a bottle, a microphone (again, didn't fit), a thermometer, and an etch-a-sketch. Finally, he decided against the etch-a-sketch, reasoning that the baby 'was too little for the etch-a-sketch'. I could have sat and watched him do this for hours.

Finally, tonight, he put me to bed. He and Lily covered me up in his bed, and then Lily went to play. But Ollie turned out the light, read me a story, and sang (one line of) a song. He also continually reminded me that I'd 'be fine', that 'there's nothing scary in here', and he even graciously checked under the bed at least 5 times to tell me there's no monsters in the room. Oh, and he reminded again that his rocking horse was 'only a piece of wood'. I love hearing him repeat all those things we say. He left the room, shut the door and said, "have a good evening." That boy cracks me up.


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! He is so sweet!

Amanda said...

I'm cracking up right now!

Courtney e said...

only a piece of wood! do you know how much work i put into that horse!! :)

Amy W said...

What a cutie! I would have loved to witness the diaper bag packing as well. :)

Denita Dyck said...

OH GOODNESS that guy is priceless. keep the stories coming!