Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fun with Friends

We are surrounded by so many young couples with young kids in our church--and we are very lucky to have super friends for Ollie and Lily to play with. In the last month, we've had several (but not all!) of these special friends over--here are a few pictures of the fun:

Makenzie and Ollie reading
This is the same Makenzie that came to our dance party a few months back...

We also did 'pudding paintings' with Ollie's friend, Eli. Those boys are 4 days apart--and WOW are they alike!
Finally, we had Taylor and Mason over yesterday morning for a while--and they had so much fun playing and dancing. But here are some pictures of them drawing--they wrote their names and shopping lists.

It's so much fun to have friends to play with. And these aren't the only ones!!! (Just the ones I happen to have recent pictures of!) We are getting SO excited to play at the park and go on walks again...spring WILL come.



Jenae said...

Hey, is that a Tippin Dental Group note pad Taylor is writing on?!?!

Kendall Smith said...

YES!!! :-) It's leftover from the ones Bill and Olivia cleaned out from the Hillsboro office. And it has Joel Smith on it. They were a white elephant gift! :-)