Saturday, February 27, 2010


Ollie and Lily are early risers, and like their mom and dad, also like to eat as soon as they're up. This is usually not a problem...except on weekends when mom and dad like to sleep in until 7:15.

Lately, we've been getting Lily up when she's awake (she and Ollie carry on long conversations in their room until we come...) and then we take her into our bed to 'play' for a couple minutes until breakfast. Ollie is not so patient. He is ready to eat the minute he's out of we just tell him to go get their cereal and start eating. And they do!

This is the picture I snapped this morning as I got up...they'd been in the kitchen eating for a few minutes. Plates and everything.


The Sieberts said...

yeah-Ava comes and tells me she's awake and her privilage is to watch PBS while mommy wakes up :) Sometimes that can take a while ;)

Courtney said...

I'll keep that in mind next weekend! What a good big brother!

Amy W said...

Cute!!! My girls are finally sleeping in on Saturdays. I didn't see them until 9:00 - or after - today. Which was good because I didn't get out of bed until quarter to 9. :)

Hooton Family said...

Drew is the same way. we just say go get one of your sisters to feed you!! I have always eaten right away in the morning if not watch out!!