Tuesday, February 2, 2010

budding artist

I've always been fascinated by the artistic stages kids go through--how they start at about 12-18 months with scribbles on paper, and then later, at around 3 they are drawing pictures that they can identify, at 4 starting to make people (heads and many legs) and then, finally, adding a body, feet, facial features, etc.

It's amazing how predictable that is.

Ollie is starting to really enjoy drawing. He's gone from simple scribbling, to 'making' letters, and now he's actually drawing things.

Here's his picture of a basketball:

Here's his name: (see the 'O', the 'L', and the 'I'?)
And he was spelling my name...one of the letters is an 'A'. So I wrote one for him to see...and he copied it! (that's his red A)

It's so fun to see him learning and growing and having such curiosity for that!


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

He's copied a few things I've drawn or written here as well -- he does a pretty good job for not quite being 3 yet. I always enjoy watching him concentrate really hard when he's drawing something.

Amanda said...

I've been noticing the same! Taylor's been doing a circle with 2 lines coming out for arms and 2 coming out for legs. No body - just head and limbs. But it's so fun to watch the development. I never think to take pictures of that kind of stuff - good idea!

I think that A was for Amanda.

The Sieberts said...

i'm amazed how much Ava can draw/write at the age of 4! It's so fun to see!

Tyler, Erin, Addilyn, Asher Johnson said...

Did you give him a star for his 'A'? Such a teacher.