Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Someday I'll look back and laugh...

In the past 5 days, Lily has:

*eaten several handfuls of dog food
*thrown my two dish towels off the oven into the toilet
*thrown Ollie's toy truck into a *ahem* 'full' toilet
*'stuffed' an entire bath towel into the toilet
*hidden the babysitters glasses in our kitchen cupboards
*eaten playdoh, crayons, and paper
*brought me a toilet bowl brush at least 3 times
*thrown her baby doll into our pool
*thrown her shoes into our pool
*locked the keypad on my phone

(Okay, I know you're thinking, "Just shut the bathroom door and keep the toilet lid shut!" Seriously, we do. In the few moments that they're open, she wreaks havoc. Every. Time.)

And these are just the things that come to mind. My parents were not exaggerating when they likened her to a hurricane. She is into EVERYTHING.

Mornings aren't exactly her favorite time, either. Lately our mornings have consisted of dealing with crying for her 'nigh night' (blankie) and fits whenever I tell her 'no'. This morning, Ollie added to the fun. At lunch, I offered to go to work for Joel for the afternoon...but he declined.

Someday, I'll look back and laugh.


Tami said...

Thanks for the reminder that my kids might actually be... NORMAL! :-)

Amanda said...

oh my oh my oh my. That Lily is quite the little girl - makes me laugh!

Brian & Cheryl said...

She's so cute. Perhaps she's in the "toilet stage" of development. I seem to remember you had a "toilet stage" at one point.

Paige said...

Does it help to know that I am laughing? I once had a friend babysit the boys when they were around 3 and they flushed their socks. Yes, the ones they wore to her house....in the winter. Good news, they don't do that anymore! :)

Rachel said...

Oh how funny. I'm so sorry for you! And all your poor towels in the toilet! Does she like to wash her body in the potty water yet? Tripp's in to that. He can open the doors now too...not helpful. Just so they don't eat anything out of the potty, I think we're doing good! I'm sure you'll laugh about it...someday. For now, just know you're keeping them alive...and that's a TON of work!!

Courtney e said...

that girl is going to go far... seriously. she's hilarious, completely unsuspecting and adorable. i can see her getting away with a ton, just because she's sneaky... lucky girl... I never figured that part out...

Allen and Debby Graber said...

Remember when I found Sophia IN the toilet?? What dog food does Lily get ahold of? The neighbor's dog food, cuz you don't have a dog that I know of.

Amy Warden said...

But, she looks so sweet and innocent! :)