Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thank You!

Thanks for the comments on my last post--especially to you moms who shared similar stories. It's so nice to hear that even moms that I think are THE BOMB had kids who were crazy.

Maybe there's hope for her yet.


Utecht Family said...

Of course there's hope for her!!! It's the crazy, strong-willed ones who can do crazy things for the Lord without backing down. I often pray for mine that they will be strong-willed FOR God. That makes all the difference! Today Lily's breaking into the bathroom and throwing things in the toilet; tomorrow she'll be breaking down doors for the spread of the gospel into places others of us (the faint of heart) wouldn't be willing to go.

Livesays said...

If it helps, I think you're one pretty incredible mom yourself. All moms have doubts when it comes to their ability to raise healthy, well-adjusted children, but from what I can see, you're doing just fine as a mommy and your kids are doing just fine as little people! Keep up the good work. What's worth having is worth the hard work it takes in getting there. Plus, as others have alluded to, Lily won't always be acting like this. She will eventually find new ways to test your patience and endurance! :) I won't tell you it gets easier, becasue I don't think it does. It just gets different. Hang in there! Some day you will indeed laugh about this!