Saturday, August 21, 2010


Joel's parents took our kids back to Indiana after our fun week in Ohio, and we took off, along with Joel's sis and her husband, to the Great White North. Toronto, to be exact. We were going to visit more baseball fields (remember our New York Trip of '08?).

Thursday we stopped in Detroit and caught a Tigers afternoon game.

After that, we went to Slow's BBQ (as seen on "Man Vs. Food") It was quite delicious.

Later that afternoon, we had an unfortunate sudden stop on the side of the road for Joel...which was only the beginning of our 36 hours of horror. Thankfully, we were able to get a room separate from Kris and Sara--so they didn't get sick. But seriously, all Joel and I did from Thursday evening through Saturday morning was sleep and watch Canadian HGTV. And puke. It really stunk. And I missed IKEA. (Thanks, Sara, for buying me something anyway!!!) Did you know there are at least 3 IKEA's in the Toronto area???

Finally, Saturday morning we felt like we could stand without fainting, so we ventured out into the city. I happen to have family that live in and near Toronto--so I was excited to be back--I hadn't been there in 20 years!

We started out at the St. Lawrence Market--a giant outdoor market with fresh fruit, veggies, honey (I bought some!), meat...just about anything. It was so cool.


We also walked by the CN Tower...

and found a bite of yummy food (literally, our appetites took DAYS to reappear) before catching game #2 of our trip--the Toronto Blue Jays. (Which, by the way, is my Grandpa Epp's favorite baseball team!

Joel and I stayed with my Aunt Joan and Uncle Ron that night and walked along Lake Ontario--a mere 5 blocks from their house! You can even see the CN Tower from the dock where we were--the picture is HORRIBLE...but hopefully you get the point.
(can you see it? That greenish light is the CN Tower!)

The next morning, we left and met my cousin Denita and her husband, Adrian, at Tim Horton's. It was such a fun time! I wish we'd had more time with them. This was the first time I had met Adrian!

We then ventured on to Niagara Falls...which will be my NEXT post.


Princess said...

How ironic that I opened that card the same day you posted that picture of Denita and Adrian. It's now hanging on my fridge, and it makes me laugh.

Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

Again -- sorry you guys were sick on your trip. That is NO fun at all! That would be pretty cool to live a mere five blocks from Lake Ontario. I'm thinking I could get into that -- except for all of the lake effect snow they get in the winter :( Also, Kendall -- I think your tour of basebal stadiums on vacations is much like Marc finding races to run one each of our vacations (but, on the trip we're finishing up right now -- Marc's race didn't work out).

Denita said...

I see you're warming up to the princess name! Atta be my girl.

Courtney said...

Haha, the card did me in. BUT I'll only tolerate it from certain people.

Toni :O) said...

Thanks for stopping at Comerica, I live about 25 minutes from there...I was just there on Sunday afternoon to watch them beat the pants off of the Cleveland Indians. Go Tigers! Sorry you got sick..what a bummer. :O(

Anonymous said...

SO sad to have missed you guys! It just means you have to come back - and NOT in 20 years!! I think we're due for an Epp family reunion - I bet we could convince the Jays to let Grandpa throw the first pitch if we could get him to a game!