Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thanksgiving #1

Wow. I feel very far behind on blogging....

Our first Thanksgiving was with my parents and brother's family and sister.

For some odd reason, someone inevitably ends up in a tree when we get together...but usually it's my 28-year old brother.

Oliver and Addilyn played SO well together. Seriously, they are like BEST friends.

Asher is looking good, too. Last year for Thanksgiving, he was so sick and hospitalized afterwards for failure to thrive. This year, he is heavy and active. (And was just hospitalized for jumping off the top bunk of his bunkbed....Progress? I think so.)

This is Lily's "I'm-not-quite-warmed-up-to-you-Uncle-Tyler!" look. She eventually got used to his, how should I say, 'hyperactiveness'. :-)

We had a super fun evening...but the fun didn't stop there! Stay tuned for Thanksgiving brunch a mere 14 hours later...

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