Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thanksgiving Brunch

This was the first year we did this--but since Joel's family was coming in late morning on Thursday, we decided to have MY family over for brunch that morning. (And my brother and his wife were heading up this direction, anyway...)

We built a nice warm fire in the stove, set the table, and served up egg and sausage casserole, peach french toast, fruit, bubble bread, coffee, and juice. Mmmmmmm.....

(Oh, and little Elias? He slept the entire time. Didn't hear a peep!)
(Obviously, Oliver was a 'tad' under-dressed for the event.)

It was such a fun morning!
And it worked out perfectly since our NEXT Thanksgiving feast wasn't until 4pm that afternoon.

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The Sieberts said...

that's alot of eating in one day :o)