Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lily is 4!

It was so fun celebrating Lily's birthday this year.  She has matured SO much in the past few months.  Honestly, I was a little bit dreading 4 because for Oliver--that was his hardest year.  But Lily?  She is turning into such a sweet, helpful, caring little girl.  YES, she is strong-willed, but I love that about her.  

It's been really neat to watch her with her brothers:  

She and Oliver can be the BEST of friends.  They have days where they are constantly bickering, but more and more, they play.  They talk.  They laugh.  He is "teaching her how to read".  He builds her lego sets, and she loves it.  He is so caring with her, and she tolerates it....:-)  It's funny--she is such an independent little thing, and really doesn't like anyone doing anything for her.  But just yesterday, Oliver brought home a bracelet he'd made for her at school--and she liked it!  And then this morning, when he was gone, she got this big smile on her face when she told me that Oliver made that for her.  I said, "Yep!  Oliver loves you a lot, huh?"  And she just grinned.  I love to see that softness in there.

She has actually gotten to be quite a good helper with Brahm, too.  Whereas before, we were constantly trying to keep her from touching, holding, hitting, squeezing and tackling him...now, she'll notice his runny nose and wipe it.  She'll take his hand and bring him places.  She'll take him into her room to play with him.  She'll read him books, share her snack, and talk to him just like a mommy does.  I LOVE my mornings with her and Brahm! 

We are so proud of the little girl she is becoming!  And I think 4 will be a good year. :-)

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