Friday, January 18, 2013

Oh, Brahm!

Oh this boy is FUNNY!!  at 14 months, he has decided he doesn't need to use words.  He'll occasionally humor us by saying "ah duh" for 'done', and will say "dada".  But that's it.  Otherwise, he loves to point, grunt, and fuss.  I guess when you have 4 older people catering to your every need, words aren't necessary!

He HAS figured out how to move.  This boy RUNS.  EVERYWHERE.  He climbs steps, chairs, onto tables, beds, etc.  He wriggles out of his stroller on walks.  He's mastering the art of using a spoon, and occasionally, a cup.  

In the bathtub, he stands where the water is pouring out.  Lately, he's even started putting his head under it!  

When you ask him where his 'eyes are', this is the face we get:

Actually, when you ask where ANYTHING is, he does that face.  It's pretty funny.  He's figured out Oliver and Lily pretty well too, imitating their noises, screams, and actions.  He and Oliver wrestle and throw things.  They laugh out loud with each other.  He and Lily play in her room together, giggle together in the van, and feed their babies together.  

It sure is hard to imagine life without this little guy--he's made ours so much richer!!!


Courtney e said...

I think I have a picture of Ollie making that face!

Anonymous said...

great name for a child! Brahm is an awesome name, Im glad I am not the only Brahm lol.