Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lily's Tinkerbell Tea Party

This year Lily wanted a Tinkerbell Tea Party with ONLY girls.  NO boys.  (I have to say, I kinda liked was so QUIET and CALM!!!)  :-)

Here are the pictures:

 Oliver was so bummed to not be able to be a part of the actual partying, so he created a tinkerbell game that he explained and had the girls play.  It was very sweet.  (and they humored him by playing...)
 Lily is VERY into these Friends lego sets, and all of a sudden has a bunch!  Thankfully, her brother is a Lego expert and is more than willing to put them together for her!

At one point, the party turned from Tinkerbell fairies into aliens shooting each other...but that was short-lived. 

We had a great time with some really sweet girls--happy 4th birthday, Lily!


Marc, Sarah, Luke, and Kate said...

Very cute! I'm glad she wanted only girls -- she's so surrounded by boys in her life :). The change was probably nice for her!

benilhalk said...

Aww! Look at these cuties. All of them look adorable! It is actually a very nice and cute theme for a girl’s birthday party. We had a peter pan themed birthday party on my son’s birthday last month. We booked one of the beautiful San Francisco venues for it.