Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sweet Ride Soft Serve

So, for those of you who know Joel well, you know 2 things about him:  
1.  He loves to eat.  (And ice cream his is FAVORITE!)
2.  He is extremely hard-working and entrepreneurial.

One thing he has talked about since we were married is owning an ice cream store. (Or at the VERY least, a soft serve machine for our house!)  This past summer, while in Ohio, we visited one of those yogurt and topping bars--and on the door, the sign read, "We cater".  That got the wheels in his head turning.  Immediately, he started thinking about how we could run a soft serve catering business in Newton.  And now, 6 months later--we are!  
This past week, Sweet Ride Soft Serve premiered at the Bridal Show in Wichita--and we gave away 1400 comes or bowls of soft serve ice cream!  We are so excited about the possibilities with this!!!  We would love to bring ice cream and toppings to any events:  birthday parties, reunions, school parties, wedding receptions, Christmas or other holiday parties, etc.  Spread the word, and let us know if you have any interest in hiring a full-service soft serve bar!

Check out our website for more information, and like us on facebook for updates!

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