Monday, July 4, 2011

Girl's Memorial Day Get-Together

While in college at Bethel, I had the opportunity to live with 6 other girls in the mods one year. We had such a good year together--and since most of us were dating our future spouses at the time, we got to know them quite well, too!

Since college, we've gotten together at least once each year for a girl's weekend away. But, once the kids started coming...that became difficult. Now--we see each other 2-3 times a year, usually WITH kids. But it's still so much fun, and it's amazing how quickly we can catch up again!

This time, we were missing a couple girls--but we had so much fun talking, watching the kids swim, eating lunch we had to get some obligatory "look how big they're getting!" pictures in.

Oh, and here we are with our kids: (from left to right)
Lori (with Emily), Tina (with boys Noah and Levi), Me and the kids, Yvette (with Corynn)

**Tina T. and Kara--we missed you! Maybe next time???

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