Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Resurrecting "Theme Days"

Usually about mid-July I get some motivation to plan some theme days for my kids. It breaks up the monotony of the week and is a fun way to have friends over, too!

Today we had "Rainbow Day".

We started with a rainbow scavenger hunt (but I didn't take my camera out). We tried searching outside for things from each color of the rainbow...but given the state of our poor Kansas earth right now...we mainly got different hues of brown. Thank goodness for leftover fireworks littering the streets!!!

Next, we ate a rainbow snack. My friend Jill came up with a very colorful way to celebrate--rainbow-colored fruit! And the kids LOVED it.

After that, we made a rainbow craft using stiff felt and cut fabric pieces. The kids did really well with this and it was so fun to see their different personalities emerge.
Sophie's was very colorful and haphazard...

Oliver and Hannah's were EXACTLY like a rainbow should look...
And Lily liked glue. But all of them turned out to be SO colorful and pretty!

We included a science experiment (making a rainbow using water, a mirror and white paper) that didn't work REALLY well...but it was a good chance to talk about what might have worked better.

Finally--a dip in the pool and a yummy lunch! Theme days are SO fun and a great way to pass the summer days with a friend!

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